Living a Stress Free Life in 2021. Is it possible?

Living a stress free life in 2021 is on everyone’s wishlist right now.

I mean, I crave it.

I hate having to eat only crackers the whole day because I’m too stressed from work to cook. I hate having to see my mom on some days because she is too stressed to chit chat.

So yeah, I haven’t seen anyone who likes stress, or enjoys been stressed.

I’ve seen some of my friends who have been so bitchy and unapproachable because of stress. Some are disgusted with their work, not because it’s too hot to handle, but because their clients are embodied with stress; they carry stress like a fragrance to choke anyone who attends to them.

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4 Killers of Communication in professional & personal relationships

Killers of communication are like termites that ruin communication mostimes before it even starts. We are in the last days of the month and truthfully, a lot of things went down for me personally in this month and lately I’ve been thinking of bringing up the conversation with my folks and that was when I remembered this story I’m about to tell you now. *laughs” Don’t worry its nothing dark & daunting.

When I was in my teens; I think between seventeen and nineteen, I wanted to go visit my friends. I missed my secondary (high) school friends and I hadn’t seen the few that lived in portharcourt then since we all graduated so I made it my mission to reunite with them. I dressed up looking all beautiful & sweet and the next thing was to tell my mom. How would I tell her? Was the next question that popped into my brain.

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2 Importance of Self Awareness in Relationships

The importance of self awareness would be visible in this story I’m about to share with you.

Ruth was sitting at the living room when Iyke stormed in with a frown on his face. “Fuck you Ruth!” Ruth shook in fear and turned back only to see Iyke walking towards her. “why would you do such a thing?” He asked. “Are you stupid?”.

“What’s the problem Iyke?” Ruth asked perplexed.

“You should have told me before talking to Mandy about our plan. Are you a fool or what?” He answered. Her body stiffened and looked like she was about to cry.

“But its not much of a big deal. Mandy is not a stranger to either of us. For Christ sake, this plan involves her as much as it does us. Its not enough reason for you to react this way. If you don’t like that I told her, then

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Why you should stop giving unsolicited advice.

Giving unsolicited advice is like walking into someone’s house uninvited. Even if that person is your friend. (Please don’t visit your friends without informing them)

This week has been a rollercoaster of drama. Both personally and professionally. There were times when I wanted to just rant. In fact almost always I just wanted to pour out what I was feeling, why I was feeling that way and everything I fantasized about the situation but I hardly expressed my emotions because I was tired of ranting to someone only for the person to bombard me with series of advice I never asked for. So instead I spoke to my brain and cells alone in that tiny little space in my head. *laughs* Yet, the one time I did rant this week, it was with a wonderful person that just listened beautifully well. Whoop!! Such a blessing.

People are so quick to show off how much they know about your situation or new project with dozens of do this, go this way, act like this, just at the mere mention of expressing your self. If you are on this table, be calming down. Cool down.

Truth is, if they needed your advice they would ask. Now, I’m not saying giving advice is wrong, I’m simply saying giving unsolicited advice is wrong. Unsolicited advice is advuce that is wrong. When its clear the receiver doesn’t want your advice is where the problem lies.

Look at this scenerio;

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6 Life Unexpected Events And How To React To Them

Unexpected events are events we dislike so much because we have no control over them. Its like a sudden slap in the face that feels like hot atardo pepper but the strange thing you’ve failed to realize is that unexpected events are also a cone of sweet flavored ice cream that melts in the mouth as you savoir its chilling taste with such satisfying pleasure and unbelieving joy.

Its the peak of summer here in Nigeria, something we often call ‘dry season’, and rain is often far fetched in January even in rainy places like the city of Port Harcourt. Yet, I was at work two days ago ( on Wednesday) when I suddenly heard the clapping of the roof. I didn’t pay attention because I thought it must have been the wind or the echo of the moving vehicle on the road. But in few seconds the sound came again, this time so loud and scary. I raised my head and walked to the window only to be met with raindrops falling from the sky and before I could react the rain dropped heavily.

“Oh my God.

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