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3 April Fools Day Stories that will Shock You

Its April! Yayyy!!! Welcome to the month of April, a month blessed with juicy april fools day stories. Because it’s April fools day. Yippee!!!

Okay please don’t fool me today I beg you.

Waking up this morning made me happy because today is my friends birthday (Happy birthday Aida) and couldn’t help but remember that today is also April fools day with comes with lots of April fools day stories.

I don’t know who invented this April fools day but I’m eternally grateful to that person. For setting out a day where we get to fool or prank people to our hearts content and enjoy their reaction


Living a Stress Free Life in 2021. Is it possible?

Living a stress free life in 2021 is on everyone’s wishlist right now.

I mean, I crave it.

I hate having to eat only crackers the whole day because I’m too stressed from work to cook. I hate having to see my mom on some days because she is too stressed to chit chat.

So yeah, I haven’t seen anyone who likes stress, or enjoys been stressed.

I’ve seen some of my friends who have been so bitchy and unapproachable because of stress. Some are disgusted with their work, not because it’s too hot to handle, but because their clients are embodied with stress; they carry stress like a fragrance to choke anyone who attends to them.

7 Things to Improve your Mental Health

Things to improve your mental health are as easy to come by as things needed to improve your physical health.

Once you notice any sign of weakness in your body, or any symptom of sickness, the first thing you do is, make a run for medications, prescriptions, exercise, anything to heal your body and make you healthy, but when it comes to your mental health, it becomes extremely difficult to take care of it.

There are a lot of physically fit people with mental health issues on the streets.


10 Interesting Facts About Abuja

There are interesting facts about Abuja that may or may not be interesting to you but are important we discuss about.

Having visited 21 states in the country and 15 more states left to achieve my travel goals of visiting the complete 36 states of the federation, I was excited about coming to Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria for the first time.

It had been one of my travel goals for 2021 and it’s beautiful how surprisingly, everything went smoothly. I packed my bags with my travel necessities ( if you know me, I don’t miss packing my travel must have’s for any trip) and began this journey.

My exact thought was “its time to find out what is so special about this city that everyone has been making noise about.” And well, I didn’t know I was in for a big surprise. *laughs*

4 Killers of Communication in professional & personal relationships

Killers of communication are like termites that ruin communication mostimes before it even starts. We are in the last days of the month and truthfully, a lot of things went down for me personally in this month and lately I’ve been thinking of bringing up the conversation with my folks and that was when I remembered this story I’m about to tell you now. *laughs” Don’t worry its nothing dark & daunting.

When I was in my teens; I think between seventeen and nineteen, I wanted to go visit my friends. I missed my secondary (high) school friends and I hadn’t seen the few that lived in portharcourt then since we all graduated so I made it my mission to reunite with them. I dressed up looking all beautiful & sweet and the next thing was to tell my mom. How would I tell her? Was the next question that popped into my brain.

2 Importance of Self Awareness in Relationships

The importance of self awareness would be visible in this story I’m about to share with you.

Ruth was sitting at the living room when Iyke stormed in with a frown on his face. “Fuck you Ruth!” Ruth shook in fear and turned back only to see Iyke walking towards her. “why would you do such a thing?” He asked. “Are you stupid?”.

“What’s the problem Iyke?” Ruth asked perplexed.

“You should have told me before talking to Mandy about our plan. Are you a fool or what?” He answered. Her body stiffened and looked like she was about to cry.

“But its not much of a big deal. Mandy is not a stranger to either of us. For Christ sake, this plan involves her as much as it does us. Its not enough reason for you to react this way. If you don’t like that I told her, then


The Angry Tears I Shed

Dear You,

I write this letter in angry tears…in fact, this lemon top of mine is been scarred with dry wasted tears even as I write this.

I write this to hide it in my drawer but I’m hoping it gets to you. Wishing that my tears would embrace yours. Praying that these angry tears would stop flowing, but I can’t control it. So just for today, I’m letting it flow.

Those piercing words you’ve probably heard before, I heard again last night, and its echoes replaying in my tiny little head brought these uncontrolable angry tears.

The voice of rejection.
The voice of selfishness
That same voice that tells me to my face that I was taken for granted.
I experienced.

Your Unfinished Success Story

This success story is unfinished because for me success is not a destination. Success is a journey of starting something and watching it grow.

Success is more of seeing something you started grow and flourish everyday bit by bit.

I went to visit my friend and my Godson on Sunday and on my way there I couldn’t help but smile when I was right in front of a woman I used to buy fresh pepper and tomatoes from. Everything was different and it was so beautiful to see. She was attending to someone so I simply passed and made a mental note to say hi to her when I was going back home.

The man she sold for saw me always turning back and smiling and caught up with me when he was done buying his food stuffs.

“I saw you smiling at her, is everything okay?”

“Yes,” I smiled again. “The growth is blinding sir. She has two tables now. My God!” I exclaimed laughing.

“Oh. Now I understand you…

My journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria.

My journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria has been a mouthful says Aniekeme Umoren. Our Guest writer.

Aniekeme Umoren(Ann) is an entrepreneur, with a degree in Accounting. After been an Auditor for a year, she is currently the team manager of Partylane Dynamic Concept.
She entered the entrepreneurial world to explore her passion for Fashion and add beauty to human lives. Life to her means family and friends who can be trusted. She is self driven, she takes pride in providing the best products and services to customers/clients.

Here is what Ann says;

Where should we start?
I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to share my experience. Chi, thanks again.
And to everyone reading, I hope we learn from my intriguing yet eye-opening journey as a female entrepreneur in Nigeria.

Having an entrepreneurial vision is interesting, I would lie if I say it’s one of the smoothest Journey ever. Hmm…it isn’t.
I stopped applying for a job when I realised that I was wasting my time doing so.
Are you shocked to hear me say so?

It all started immediately after my National Youth Service Corps(NYSC).

A cup of Growth water. 2020

Growth. I am neither a goal setter nor an over the top planner. So I had nothing to smash in 2020. If I remember vividly, the only thing I wanted to do in 2020 was save more and have fun. Finish. laughs

Sounds funny right? Well, if you can see that as a goal then so be it.

Yet something happened. I woke up to a call that shook my world. And shaped my 2020 into a more daring and rocky one.

“Hello Chika.”

“Hi. Whats up?”

“We need to talk. Let’s talk on whatsapp.” He said worriedly. My web developer.

“Oh. Okay.” I became worried. Wondering if everything was alright. We came online and continued chatting.

“What’s wrong?” I asked inquisitively.

“I was doing my rounds. And I decided to just take a quick look at your site. Only for me to realize that your Bandwidth size is full. Thank God I noticed this or else your site would have crashed.” He sighed in relief. Everything he said just sounded strange to me. The thought of loosing my blog frightened me. My blog is my baby. Plus what the hell was bandwidth?

“Wait oh. Which one is bandwidth again?” I asked confusingly.


10 Bad Days Scriptures to Get You Through Bad Days

Are you having bad days? I bet you are or once were. Truth is, I also have bad days. Who doesn’t?

Sometimes we worry, sometimes the office gets toxic, sometimes parenting becomes stressful, sometimes working becomes draining, sometimes rest seems far fetched, sometimes we are faced with stumbling blocks, sometimes memories of that trauma haunts you again, sometimes something triggers the pain of losing that person, and sometimes even adulthood alone stresses the hell out of you.

And the crazy part is that, on those bad days we lash out, transfer aggression, become quiet, overthink, talk about it, call a therapist, get treated but we seldom seek Gods words.

His scriptures have been designed to be there for us on those bad days when all we can see is the evil and ugly. On those dark days his words have been written to lighten our lives.

3 Dire Consequences Of Ignoring The Holy Spirit

The consequences of ignoring the holy spirit are dire and detrimental to your existence as a beautiful lady & sophisticated gentleman.

The past couple of weeks have been very trying and challenging in almost every area of my life aside from one. *winks* First my mom was ill, something so little that we even took lightly ended up been so drastuc, and would have been destructive if I kept ignoring the holy spirit. Now as a family we are as fresh as a newly baked cake and equally happy.

I’ve seen myself making spur of the moment decisions this week. You know those kind of unexpected events that drive you to make decisions you never saw coming. This particular one made me withdrawn, and dampened my resolve to an extent that I had no idea on the way forward, like a plot twist. The only way forward was scary and daunting until I heard his voice.

“Make that call.” I heard and ignored.

3 Effective Ways To Find Peace Of Mind And Happiness

Last week we talked about unexpectations then a question popped in my head, would I be at peace when something unexpected happen? Nah. I doubt that. Truth is my mind would be in constant turmoil thinking of how to handle the blow and how to face this new pursuit.

When James was informed that his shop was engulfed in flames. He was thrown off balance. Loosing everything, the sweat, blood, money was all gone. Everything was lost. He went from thinking of how to keep growing in business to how he would start afresh all over again. His peace was denied. How would he find peace of mind again and happiness.

The same day John went on one knee and proposed to his friend of three years. And beautifully she said “yes I will.” It was the most heartwarming feeling ever to those watching and such a big blessing & celebration for John whose heart couldn’t stop beating. *laughs* But later that night all the happiness disappeared. The sweet memory was gone now replaced with

Everything is impossible

“Everything is impossible” I thought when I went from smiling to being sober.

I cried. I cried like a baby who was denied milk and tenderness. My heart ached terribly, especially after I tried putting myself in those pairs of shoes.

You may be wondering why, just follow me and indulge you.

It happened after I finished reading Danielle Steel’s ‘Impossible’ and couldn’t let go the thought provoking and inspiring story. I remember Liam, the lead male character of the story saying the words “its possible” severally with such great belief, light and hope regardless of the impact of impossibilities surrounding him and the one thing he was fighting for. I also…